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World Curling Championship

A warm welcome to the World Women’s Curling Championship 2023 in Sandviken, Sweden! Where between the 18-26th of March, 13 teams will be competing for gold.

Enjoy world-class curling

The 18-26th of March, the World Women’s Curling Championship 2023 will be decided at Göransson Arena. A championship with exciting curling, magical moments and amazing atmosphere!

Discover Sandviken

Take the opportunity to discover more during your stay in Sandviken. In and around Sandviken there are many places that are well worth a visit as well as lots of activities and restaurants. Below we’ve collected some of our best tips on places you don’t want to miss.

Sol över isen.

Food & drinks

In Sandviken, there are gathering places for families as well as for the group of friends. Take the oppertunity to eat and drink well at one on Sandviken’s restaurants inbetween the curling matches.

Natur, shopping och sevärdigheter



The Church

Enjoy a good dinner or have a drink at the gastropub The Church in central Sandviken. Located in the spectacular conversion of an old church, at The Church you get the perfect mix of good food and great atmosphere. 

Bild på tallrik



Experience well-cooked food with Swedish and southern European flavors at the centrally located Kanalkiosken, a cozy restaurant with a focus on quality.

Säng från hotellet



Enjoy good food and drinks in a pleasent environment. O’learys also offers activities such as shuffleboard, billiards, darts and karaoke. Here you can also see the best in sports. 

Bild på tallrik


Högbo Brukshotell

Close to Sandviken, you will find the popular Högbo Bruk, which offers a gastronomic dining experience of locally produced ingredients. In addition to dinner, lunch, afternoon coffee and breakfast are also served at the hotel. 

More to eat in Sandviken


Greek Charcoal Grill.


Indian restaurant and bar.

Espresso House

Café with pastries, sandwiches and salads.




Café and bakery.


Café with pastries, sandwiches and salads.

Activities & tourist attractions

In Sandviken, you are always close to natur, outdoor life and family-friendly activites. When you’re not busy watching curling at Göransson Arena, there are plenty of places to visit and activities you don’t want to miss.

Högbo Bruk

An outdoor area with a truly unique combination of cultural history, a beautiful natural environment and different activities. Cafes and restaurants, tracks and service for cross-country skiing, hiking trails and gyms. Take the oppertunity to visit the different shops and artisans in the area.

Björk & Berries

Body care and fragrances, a beauty brand with origins in Swedish nature and tradition. 


Food products straight from Högbo. Ecological and sustainable as far as possible. 


Manufacture and sale of forging. 


Studio of colorful glass crafts. 

Gysinge Bruk

Gysinge Bruk dates from the 16th century and is a piously restored and carefully maintained old industrial village. Gysinge Bruk is today a place for, among other things, exhibitions, food and accommodation. You also don’t want to miss Gysinge’s unique shoppong experiences. 

Gysinge Centrum för Byggnadsvård

A centre for restoration and care of old buildings.

Färnebofjärdens Nationalpark

Unforgettable nature experience.


Shop selling clothes, interior and outdoor items. 

More to do in Sandviken

Säng från hotellet



Only 20 minutes away from Sandviken offers downhill alpine skiing with 25 runs of the same class as those in the Swedish mountain resorts.You can stay in different residences and choose between different restarants. 

Säng från hotellet



At Parkbadet you can enjoy a swimming adventure to remember, in Mediterranean-warm water. You have the choice of just relaxing or a more strenuous workout in the gym. 

Säng från hotellet


Högbo Padel

Centrally in Sandviken you will find Högbo Padel, an indoor faility with five padel courts (one of which is a singles court). Here you will also find changing rooms, a sauna and rental of rackets. 

Even more things to do in Sandviken

Grand Bio



Shopping mall with well-known clothing stores, pharmacy, beauty salon and restaurant.




Rental of sports and outdoor equipment for 14 days, also as a visitor.


Cultural center for those who want to experience and create culture. 


In Sandviken's center you will find everything you need to curb your shopping urge.

Tourist information

Should you want more information about places to visit and things to see in Sandviken municipality, getting accommodation, events and more contact us at:

Sandvikens Turistcenter/Sandvikens Tourist centre
Visiting address: Folkets Hus, Köpmangatan 5-7
Postal address: SE 811 80 Sandviken. Sweden.
Tel: +46 (0)26-24 13 80 Fax: +46 (0)26-27 97 10
E-mail: sandviken.turism@sandviken.se

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